Romy Riffel

Romy Riffel is the managing director of the Amazon consulting agency Snocksulting. In addition, she is operationally active as a senior consultant for many of the more than 20 (as of 01/2021) Amazon accounts that Snocksulting supports. Romy is an expert in Amazon FBA with everything that goes with it. For Snocksulting clients, she optimises their Amazon listings together with a growing team and takes care of offers as well as Amazon advertising. Through her operational work as a senior consultant for Amazon FBA, Romy is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader. Through her expertise and steadily growing client and revenue numbers, Romy leads a team of five full-time employees as Managing Director of Snocksulting. The Amazon agency's clients include successful start-ups such as PURELEI as well as established large corporations such as L'Oreal.

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