April 13, 2022

Without a strong brand on Amazon, you have lost!

The number of competitors on Amazon is increasing, as is the competence of the various providers. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition solely through high-quality product images, appealing and meaningful bullet points and a successful product description.

A good Amazon listing is no longer enough.

Our intention with SNOCKS from the very beginning was to pick up our customers emotionally and to bind them to us. That's why we have always shown the faces behind the SNOCKS brand, initially it was just Felix and me. In the meantime, we have a whole team, as you can see on our Amazon product pages. On Amazon, we used the A+ content for storytelling and additional information about our company. You can create this when you have officially registered a brand. This allowed us to introduce ourselves and our young start-up to Amazon customers. In addition, we use our Instagram account to show very transparently who and what is behind SNOCKS.

You don't build a strong brand overnight.

Although we did not notice any positive effects in the short term, we kept building up the SNOCKS brand. Felix and I were aware that we had to take a long-term approach and show patience. Those who know us both know that we are not usually the most patient of people - but when it comes to brand building, that's just part of it. In the meantime, the hard work and patience has paid off and we have an extreme competitive advantage through our brand. So keep at it, even if it's tedious at first. It will pay off sooner or later!

A strong brand means competitive advantages

Today, our SNOCKS brand has achieved a certain level of recognition, which we are very proud of. One of the things we notice is that more and more customers are not looking for socks, sneaker socks or footies in the search bar, but directly for the SNOCKS brand. What effect does this have? Customers are almost exclusively shown products from SNOCKS. So they don't have the choice between SNOCKS, Nike, Adidas and Puma, but they have the choice between different SNOCKS products and we are almost guaranteed to get the sale!

Make your brand the most important keyword in your niche!

Our goal is to establish "SNOCKS" as the most important keyword in our niche. At the moment, the search volume of the keyword "socks" is still greater than the search volume of the keyword "SNOCKS". Give us a little more time and the majority of Amazon customers will no longer enter "socks" in the search bar when looking for the perfect sock, but the brand "SNOCKS". As a result, we will dominate our niche more and more. Make your brand name the most important keyword in your niche!

Follow SNOCKS and follow our story!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at kliesch@snocks.com.

Many greetings,

Johannes :-)

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