April 13, 2022

Snocksulting Podcast Growth - 5 Tips

At the end of October, Snocksulting CEO Romy Riffel and SNOCKS founder Johannes Kliesch decided to launch a business podcast. Previously, the SNOCKS Podcast interviewed employees and occasionally provided insights into business content. Romy and Johannes were motivated by the fact that all events were cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. Before the crisis, both were regularly invited to workshops and conferences to give talks. Through their own business podcast, Snocksulting wants to create a platform where the consulting agency can share valuable tips and their experiences with Amazon FBA. The content is supplemented by Johannes, who is himself an expert in Amazon FBA and Shopify.

This is how fast the Snocksulting Business Podcast is growing

After the rebranding of the podcast, Romy and Johannes went straight into action and have been publishing at least two episodes a week ever since. In the birth month of the Snocksulting Business Podcast, this resulted in 2,430 streams. By the way, a stream already counts from 60 seconds of listening! In the following month, the podcast recorded 4,400 streams, an increase of almost 100%. Interest in Amazon FBA, Shopify and founder interviews also increased in December. This is reflected in the strong growth in stream numbers: In December, the Snocksulting Business Podcast recorded no less than 13,000 streams, a further increase on the previous month. The growth can be illustrated particularly impressively by the following comparison: In the last week of October, the podcast had 347 streams, and in the first week of January 2021, it had 3,700. Of course, this increase was not only possible due to the rebranding of the podcast. How exactly do Romy and Johannes go about it and what recipes for success do they use? Read for yourself.

The Snocksulting Business Podcast has been growing rapidly since the rebranding.

Business Podcast Growth: 5 Tips

Business podcasts are a dime a dozen, as a single glance at the "Business" section of the Apple Podcast Charts will tell you. To become relevant in this strong competition, simply publishing your own podcast is not enough. By applying the following measures, the Snocksulting Business Podcast was able to work its way up to 43rd place (as of week 2 2021) in the charts in the "Business" category:

  • Use high-reach communication channels: Each episode of the Snocksulting Business Podcast is published via Johannes' Instagram profile (16,000 followers) and LinkedIn channel (32,000 followers). Through the cumulative reach of these channels, several thousand people are referred to the podcast episodes.
  • Frequency and continuity: Every successful podcast operator cites continuity as a key growth driver. Only those who publish at least one episode every week can establish themselves in the competitive podcast market. That's why regular episodes of the Snocksulting Podcast were recorded and published even over Christmas and between the years.
  • Top-class guests: Good hosts are important, of course, but exciting podcast guests are not only multipliers, but also enrich the podcast with outsider perspectives and additional expertise. That's why Johannes and Romy regularly interview founders, experts and business leaders. One such high-profile guest is, for example, the Germany boss of Facebook Tino Krause (look forward to the episode!).
  • Competitions: This format is usually more familiar from social media, but it can also work well for podcasts. By giving away three tickets to the Snocksacademy "Facebook Ads" online course, the podcast was able to gain some subscribers and fans. Such measures can bind listeners more closely to the podcast.
  • Blog posts: In addition to the podcast recording, a blog post has recently been published on https://www.snocksulting.com. The content of the corresponding episode is summarised here. By using SEO, organic traffic can be directed to the podcast via Google in the long term.

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