April 13, 2022

Win 3 Snocksacademy entries worth over 1,000 euros

Today we have a premiere: a raffle! We want to give you something back for your support and are giving away three tickets to the Snocksacademy. Here you will learn everything about Facebook Ads & Co. for your online shop. All you have to do (if you haven't already done so): subscribe to our podcast and rate it on Apple. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!

One request: If you enjoyed this episode, we would be delighted if you left us a review. This will help us to keep improving the podcast and to deliver the episodes you want. Thank you for your support! Rate the podcast: https://apple.co/2x5JxkX


https://www.instagram.com/johannes.snocks MAIL: johannes@snocks.com


https://www.instagram.com/romy.snocks MAIL: romy@snocks.com


https://www.instagram.com/felix.snocks MAIL: felix@snocks.com


https://www.instagram.com/mb_hd MAIL: maxi.bauer@snocks.com


https://www.snocksulting.com MAIL: info@snocksulting.com


https://www.snocks.com https://www.instagram.com/snocks

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Want monthly updates about Amazon?
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