April 13, 2022

10 Top Shopify Apps for your successful online shop

Shopify Apps are small applications for your online shop with Shopify. There are now many thousands of them in the Shopify App Store. With Shopify Apps you can make your shop even better. For example, they help you process your orders or simplify the ordering process for your customers. Shopify apps are usually very easy to install with just a few clicks. However, it is not so easy to find the right apps for your shop among the large selection. We have several years of experience with Shopify, both as users and consultants. That's why we would like to introduce you to the Shopify apps that, in our opinion, no shop should be without.

You must have these Shopify apps

Which Shopify apps do we like to use the most? Which apps have helped us the most with our online shop? We have put together a selection of the most important tools for you. Some Shopify apps are free, others cost a little. But they are worth their weight in gold when you consider the impact they have on your online shop. You should definitely have these apps:

Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment

The Shopify app Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment is absolutely perfect for the connection to Amazon FBA. With it, you can have the goods storage and logistics handled by Amazon. Even if you are not (yet) an Amazon FBA seller, this can definitely pay off for you. So definitely take a look at this option. It can also save you a lot of work in small shops.


With the tool Hotjar you can see what distance a visitor covers on the screen in your online shop. This is exciting to watch and can show you weak points in your Shopify shop. This is valuable information for improving your conversion rate. Be sure to try it out!

Back In Stock

Product sold out? With Back In Stock, interested parties are automatically informed when a product is available again. They will then receive an e-mail or SMS and can order the product directly from your online shop. This means you will no longer lose customers when you are out of stock.

Order Metrics and Lifetimely

Who are your clients? Maybe you've already asked yourself these questions. With Order Metrics and Lifetimely you can find out a lot about your customers. These two Shopify apps analyse all your customers and their orders. Analyses help you to tailor your offer even better to your customers.

DataX Jakob Gerzen

Even deeper data analyses are possible with the DataX tool by Jakob Gerzen. Here you can really find out (almost) everything about your customers. This can be extremely helpful in converting your shop even better. Look forward to comprehensive analyses that will amaze you.


With langify you can translate your shop into other languages. This is very helpful if you want to sell in other countries. You don't have to set up another shop, but can use your current database. This makes the work easier for you.

Live Chat with Help Desk

Live chat allows visitors to your Shopify shop to ask questions about your products. This can help to eliminate uncertainties and promote sales. In Live Chat, your customers' questions can be answered directly. Your customers don't have to wait a long time for an answer. This Shopify app is therefore definitely worth trying out!

Reconvert and Survey in Checkout

With the apps Reconvert and Survey in Checkout, you can integrate surveys into your order process, for example on the Thank You Page. This page appears when an order has been successfully completed. Here you can ask your customer, for example, how they became aware of your online shop. This data can then help you with your marketing strategy. Win Win!


Product reviews with further questions and feedback about your products: This works very well with Reviews.io. For example, a customer can give feedback here on whether a product was a perfect fit for them, too big or too small. This is extremely helpful for future customers when making their purchase decision. The conversion rate is grateful!

Google Analytics and Facebook Ads

Admittedly, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads are not directly Shopify apps. Rather, the two services should be essential components of your shop. You can use them to track the behaviour of your visitors and target your advertising campaigns via Facebook Ads.

Shopify Apps - our final tip

We hope this short list is helpful for you and supports you to grow further on Shopify. Finally, we have hidden an insider tip from the field for you. When dealing with Shopify apps, there is one thing you should always keep in mind: Delete them again when you no longer need them. Every installed app consumes resources when loading your Shopify shop. This reduces performance and slows down your shop. Therefore, make sure that only the Shopify apps that you really use are installed.

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