UGC Creator Sarah and Katrin from SNOCKS

Deep Dive UGC: Just a Hype? Or come to stay?

Imagine you're swiping through your Instagram Stories, you see an ad from your favorite brand but something is different. It's not optimized to be glossy, you've never seen the creator before, and somehow the ad is much more personal than anything else you've seen from the brand. What you just saw on your screen was a UGC ad. So-called user generated content. This is recorded natively by often unknown creators in their living rooms, for example, in order to advertise a product.

This still fairly new form of advertising in performance marketing is currently still THE hype topic among D2C brands. Startups like SNOCKS are successfully using UGC alongside traditional forms of advertising such as display, social ads and influencer marketing.

In the Deep Dive on UGC, Romy and Johannes talk to Sarah, who works with the who's who of the D2C industry as a UGC creator, and Katrin, who works at SNOCKS as a UGC marketing manager.

Among other things, it is about the distinction between influencers and UGC creators, about the development process of UGC ads from a brand and creator perspective, possible limits of UGC ads and more.

(00:00) Start

(01:31) Weekly Update

(05:47) What is UGC?

(08:41) How is a UGC Ad created on the Brand and Creator:inside pages?

(13:58) How do you acquire new customers as a UGC creator?

(16:40) How much does a UGC Creator:in earn?

(23:05) How are UGC Creators different from Influencers?

(25:31) What should D2C Brands consider if they want to start with UGC?

(29:45) What are the advantages or disadvantages of UGC for brands?

(31:35) Where is the revenue and price limit for UGC?

(36:20) How important is a feedback culture in UGC marketing?

(38:50) Which channels are suitable for UGC Ads?

(43:02) Why is UGC content only played out paid?

(45:01) What are the no-gos in UGC marketing?

(48:00) Where will UGC Marketing be in a year from a creator and brand perspective?

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