Tim Kälberer from Wormland

From temp to CEO: How Wormland is repositioning itself digitally

Tim Kälberer always knew that his professional future lay in the fashion industry. While looking for a temporary student job, he happened to land at the Munich branch of Wormland, a men's outfitter from Hanover. He started there as a salesman and had no idea at the time where he would be just a few years later.

In just a few years, he worked his way up from salesman to Head of Marketing. But at some point, Wormland is to be sold. The previous investor is no longer interested in the traditional Hanover-based company.

Together with two Wormland colleagues, Tim decides to take over the company in a management buy-out. They take over more than 500 employees and 12 stores. As Wormland was running at a high loss at the time, the new management set its sights on restructuring.

In the podcast, Tim Kälberer talks in detail about the processes he initiated together with his co-CEOs and about his career at the company. Furthermore, he makes predictions about the future of retail and reports on how he wants to digitally reposition the Wormland brand.

(00:00) Start

(01:01) How did Tim become CEO of Wormland?

(08:15) How long did the acquisition process take?

(12:23) What challenges did Tim face after the acquisition?

(15:55) How is Wormland digitizing purchasing in the space?

(21:00) How much revenue does a Wormland store generate?

(24:45) What does Wormland Retail Media think?

(29:30) What other measures does Wormland plan to take to become profitable?

(37:47) What does Tim think about the future of retail?

(39:43) Why are many D2C brands currently opening their own stores?

(43:37) Do all online and offline retailers need to think omnichannel?

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