Selma Sadikovic from SNOCKS

300 applications in one month: This is how HR works at SNOCKS

In November 2022, SNOCKS set a record for the number of applicants, receiving 300 applications in one month. What is the reason for this rush of applicants?! According to Selma Sadikovic, Teamlead HR at SNOCKS, definitely to the strong employer branding. But before start-ups think about employer branding, they should first pay their salaries on time. Often the basics in HR are forgotten because companies put their employer branding in the foreground. Not only that, even more often HR is completely forgotten in startups during the founding period. Selma can tell you a thing or two about it, because she built up the HR department at SNOCKS. On the first day, she looked for employment contracts and started from scratch - today, Selma is responsible for a team of five people. Her learning from this time: Start-ups should define one person from the beginning who takes care of HR issues in the company. What are fuck-ups that should be expected when setting up HR? What does recruiting look like at SNOCKS? How do I make new employees feel at home from day 1? And how can SNOCKS turn employees into corporate influencers? Answers and more HR tips in this episode.

(00:07:50) What are Selma's top 3 TikTok accounts?
(00:10:36) How did Selma get involved with HR and SNOCKS?
(00:13:21) What are the fuck ups of building HR in a startup?
(00:14:37) Why at least one person in the start-up should be responsible for HR?
(00:16:01) Why on-time salary is more important than employer branding?
(00:18:23) What can the Personio tool do and when is it worthwhile?
(00:22:06) What does the recruiting process at SNOCKS look like?
(00:26:06) What happens when the commitment comes from SNOCKS?
(00:28:46) What does onboarding look like at SNOCKS?
(00:32:33) Why new employees:should not be overwhelmed in the first few days?
(00:38:01) How can I motivate employees to become corporate influencers?
(00:42:40) Why Selma was approached at OMR?
(00:44:46) What was Selma's Why Not moment?

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