Romy Riffel & Johannes Kliesch

Ok Boomer: Why it's wrong to demonize Gen Z

A change is currently taking place in the business world. Companies that until a few years ago received countless applications from graduates are losing relevance. This is THE opportunity for innovative startups and medium-sized companies to position themselves as attractive employers. In particular, Generation Z, which is now entering the job market, is setting different standards when it comes to choosing a job than the generation before it. Whereas in the past it was often about the salary, it is now concerned with issues such as work-life balance, social impact and more.

In the second episode, which the two "E-Commerce, Why Not?!" hosts Romy Riffel and Johannes Kliesch are recording together as a video podcast, it's about the changes in the job market and the challenges of the different generations. But it's also about more: how does it feel for Romy to withdraw more and more from day-to-day operations? How does Johannes feel about difficult discussions with employees? And how does a managing director find his personal Why?

The episode is rounded off with questions from Johannes' Instagram community. Have fun!

(00:00) Start

(02:54) How does it feel for Romy to pull out of day-to-day operations?

(06:36) How does John feel before difficult employee:internal interviews?

(12:10) What are the issues that John is currently dealing with?

(18:58) How can you have an impact as a startup?

(22:54) Why do agencies suddenly want to put out products?

(30:42) Would SNOCKS be able to maintain the current status quo if only Gen Z people worked at SNOCKS?

Community questions

(39:32) Are you aware of your own hype or do you not even notice it?

(42:20) Is it a curse or a blessing to work with family?

(44:20) How do you monetize a video podcast?

(45:35) What are the opportunities to integrate AI into your business?

(49:45) What does it feel like to be able to live off what you've built?

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