Romy Riffel & Johannes Kliesch

Suddenly a manager: How does it feel to be a boss for the first time?

When friendship suddenly turns into a business relationship. How do you deal with it when friends become colleagues? Especially when they suddenly treat you with distance just because they are talking to the manager? What thoughts drive you when you are given responsibility for employees for the first time? What happens when, as an Expert:in, you have to withdraw from the day-to-day business and hand over responsibility? In this episode, Romy Riffel and Johannes Kliesch give an insight into their world of thoughts and talk about their biggest challenges as Managing Directors of SNOCKSULTING and SNOCKS. The episode is rounded off with an exchange about the importance of content creators for the e-commerce scene and the development of video podcasts.

(00:00:00) Start
(00:02:53) What difficulties can there be in restructuring processes?
(00:06:06) How does it feel to be a leader for the first time?
(00:11:56) How do you succeed in separating your personal and professional life mentally and spatially?
(00:18:38) How much fun is it to be a leader?
(00:22:20) Why are content creators like the Kardashians, Mr. Beast, or Logan Paul becoming the next e-commerce unicorns?
(00:25:58) How important is the location and equipment used for video podcasts?
(00:33:08) Why will video podcasts be the next big thing?
(00:37:42) What would Romy do if she were allowed to do something else for a year?

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