Philipp Westermeyer from OMR

Marketing Maker Philipp Westermeyer: How the OMR Podcast Pays Off for the Brand

Seven-figure revenues - with a podcast? That's what OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer generates annually with the OMR Podcast through advertising and cooperations. Twice a week, the podcast host interviews strong personalities from the digital scene, such as Pip Klöckner, Joko Winterscheidt, Carmushka and Sascha Lobo. The format also strengthens the company's own brand, OMR. In the meantime, an ecosystem of its own has developed around the podcast, in which more than 100 people now work. This includes its own podcast studio as well as its own podcast production company, which produces the in-house OMR formats and has a large marketing area. A positive side effect is that the podcast is perfect for bundling and interlinking the company's own business units. But how exactly does the podcast fit into the OMR cosmos? How many people listen? What guests does Philipp have in mind for the future? And what does Dieter Bohlen have to do with it? Furthermore, it is clarified how much time Philipp puts into his personal brand and how he builds it up. In addition, he ventures a forecast for 2023, which is still a new year, and gives a small impulse on how to hack the feeds of social channels in 2023.

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