Philipp Gloeckler from Lollipod

Don't be afraid of copy cats: how to bootstrap a podcast marketer

"There will be no one faster than us." - Philipp Gloeckler, co-host of the doppelganger Tech Talk Podcast, is clear on that. The co-founder of Lollipod has no worries about big tech companies or agencies copying his podcast marketer and quickly replicating it. In 2022, Gloeckler founded Lollipod, a platform where podcasters with at least 500 listeners per episode and brands willing to advertise can come together. The focus here is clearly on host read podcasts ads and a high match with top target groups. The startup thus closes the gap in the marketing of niche and smaller podcasts by allowing them to monetize their format.

On the side, Philipp Gloeckler meets remotely with Philipp Kloeckner twice a week to record the Doppelgänger Tech Talk podcast. In their format, the two talk about innovation, marketing, stocks and more. They reach between 40,000 and 50,000 people per episode.

In the conversation, Philipp gives an insight into the growth hacks and production of the Doppelganger Podcast, it's about the bootstrapped setup of Lollipod and the importance of the increasingly important podcast scene. He also shares his best practice recommendations for creating podcasts ads and building ad briefs.

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