Miriam Jacks from JACKS beauty line

Scaling with Instagram Live: This is what successful live shopping looks like

Fixed formats, fixed times and sufficient product inventory are just three of the success factors for profitable Instagram Live Shopping! Miriam Jacks understands Live Shopping. During Corona, she made her business, JACKS beauty line, big with Instagram Live Shopping. With this channel, the startup for vegan makeup, skincare and beauty brushes now makes around €500,000 in sales per month. Out of necessity, Miriam went live at the beginning of the pandemic with well-known Influencer:innen and celebrities to place the products in the context of makeup tutorials. Back then, she was one of the pioneers; today, many brands and influencers go live every day. But does live shopping have to be successful? How much revenue does JACKS beauty line generate through live shopping? Why is it important to involve employees in all decisions? Answers to these questions and a guide to live shopping are provided in this episode.

(00:00:53) Weekly Update
(00:06:06) The Kick Off JACKS Beauty Line
(00:11:36) Instagram Live Shopping
(00:22:17) How much sales do the products make?
(00:25:22) The Team Behind JACKS Beauty Line
(00:28:30) The Sales of JACKS Beauty Line
(00:31:10) The Challenges of Wachsutm
(00:39:14) The Why Not Moment of Miriam

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