Michael Moritz from Carlsquare

The Millionaire:inside Maker: How M&A Processes Work

In Germany in 2022, more than 1400 companies were acquired or merged in so-called M&A processes in the first half of the year. The majority of these capital-intensive transactions were in the range between EUR 1 and 50 million and the average price achieved per deal was around EUR 47 million.

But how does such an M&A process actually come about? How are these deals handled? And how do you come up with such high sums in an acquisition?

This is where M&A consultants like Michael Moritz come into play. With his company Carlsquare, he has overseen more than 500 mergers, acquisitions and investor entries over the past 20 years. One focus of his entrepreneurial activities is e-commerce. Michael has worked with Quality Group, better known as More Nutrition and ESN, SNOCKS, Bears With Beneftis, Erlich Textil and many other companies. According to his own statement, he has made a three-digit number of people millionaires in the last few years.

In the podcast, he uses the example of the Quality Group to analyze how an M&A process works, how company valuations are arrived at, and what different investor:ins there are.

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