Maximilian Rast from Klar

Maximum profitability, minimum input! How cost eaters are identified and reduced

Increase the profitability of a company in the short term? Then the first thing you should do is take a look at your costs! But relevant and adjusted data on costs were missing for Maximilian Rast during his time at D2C Brands like YFood or Bruna to optimize the business model. That's why he started the business intelligence platform Klar. Klar collects data from its customers in a centralized way and uses it to create automated analyses and reports. One of these analyses is the profit and loss account (also called P&L), which Maximilian, Johannes and Romy take a close look at in this episode: Which numbers should you look at to find out how profitable you are? Which cost traps have the biggest impact on profitability? At what EBIT should companies end up in order to grow sustainably? Get all the answers in this episode!

(00:00:46) Weekly Update (00:08:41) What is Klar doing?

(00:13:12) Golden nuggets of cost optimization.

(00:14:38) Analysis of the P&L

(00:21:30) Benchmarking in e-commerce

(00:29:55) Influence of logistics costs

(00:35:26) Marketing costs

(00:42:55) Guessing question

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