Mark Mühürcüoglu from Sugar Daddies

Rocket launch with Tiktok: With Tiktok into retail and the lovebrand of Gen Z

Within a few months, Suggar Daddies has multiplied its sales through TikTok! Behind Sugar Daddies are brands such as Cookie Bros or O-Mochi, but above all the clever head and founder Mark Mühürcüoglu. In 2018, the company launched with cookie dough for spooning. With TikTok, the then young startup pushed demand: Everyone wanted the products because influencer:ins held the cookie dough up to the cameras. With the community's backing, Cookie Bros made it to retail, where the shelves were immediately empty again. Influencer:ins with millions of reach had to wait months for the products. How did Suggar Daddies manage to generate such hype around Cookie Bros? How does a hyped brand become a love brand? And which channel should now follow TikTok? The TikTok success story and many exciting tips can be found in this episode with Mark, Romy and Johannes.

(00:00:46) Weekly Update
(00:06:28) Would Cookie Bro's exist without TikTok?
(00:08:28) The Difficulty of Liquidity in Grocery
(00:12:20) The Rocket Launch with TikTok
(00:24:52) Competitor Impressions
(00:27:00) Where is the Company Today?
(00:35:01) Guessing question

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