Mario Konrad from Ryzon

From the niche to the mass market: how Ryzon recognizes and exploits the need in triathlon

A niche provides a homogeneous market that is ideal for a product launch. Founder Mario Konrad has pursued this strategy with Ryzon, a triathlon apparel brand whose brand ambassador is three-time Ironman winner Jan Frodeno. The danger with launching a product in a niche is getting stuck in that niche. But with products like backpacks and hoodies, the company has been able to reach a target audience far beyond triathlon. Following this principle, Ryzon was able to significantly expand its original target market. How do you create a hype product in a niche? What role did brand ambassador Jan Frodeno play in this? How were the first €100,000 in sales made? And how you manage to grow out of a niche, Mario Konrad tells in this episode.

(00:33:45) Weekly Update
(00:08:36) Motivation and positioning of Ryzon
(00:24:05) Collaboration with Jan Frodeno
(00:30:48) Future direction of Ryzon
(00:33:44) Estimation Question

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