Marco Götz from DRYKORN

Online vs. offline: How does a D2C company break into retail?

In the 1990s Marco Götz founded the fashion brand DRYKORN. What started as a label for men's pants, has since the founding developed more and more broadly. DRYKORN now produces independent fashion collections for men and women and has its own line of accessories.

The special thing about DRYKORN: the strong focus on the products and the good cooperation with the trading partners, who are mainly active in the premium sector. But DRYKORN does not only work with these partners. The company also operates two of its own stores in Berlin and an online store that is becoming increasingly relevant.

In this interview, founder Marco Götz explains how DRYKORN managed to build up a premium brand without significant investments in marketing, how D2C Brands can succeed in entering the retail market, and why brands will have to develop a multichannel strategy in the coming years.

(00:00) Weekly Update

(07:15) Who or what is DRYKORN?

(10:22) How has DRYKORN's product portfolio developed?

(15:17) How is DRYKORN positioned economically?

(18:47) Will all D2C brands go multichannel in the next few years?

(27:50) How do you make sure the merchandise is sold at merchant:in?

(30:20) What is best practice for getting into retail as a D2C brand?

(35:20) How do you turn short-term hype into long-term business?

(42:00) Would Marco DRYKORN want to sell for 300 million euros?

(46:06) What is DRYKORN's vision for the next 5 to 10 years?

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