Malte Helmhold from The Consultants

Google Shopping: maximize your conversions with these tips

Just under 1.5 million euros in sales with Google Shopping last year. For SNOCKS, this is the most profitable channel for attracting new customers. But how do you set up Google Shopping and how do you use it? E-commerce expert and podcaster Malte Helmhold explains. With his agency, he advises customers on Google and Meta Ads, store systems and SEO. In his podcast and on YouTube, he shares tips, tutorials and best cases. In a conversation with Johannes Kliesch and Romy Riffel, Malte explains why the CPC click prices on Google Shopping are cheaper than on the search network. This contradicts the industry's own perception that prices on Google Shopping have increased. According to Malte, you can still get good prices here. But only if the ads are set up well. You can hear in the podcast how you can best implement this yourself. In addition, we discuss which campaign types are available on Google Shopping? Whether keywords can be used with Google Shopping? Or why you should critically question conversion maximization?

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