Lauren Riedel & Tom Schmidt from RETERNITY

Branding first, sales second! With Drops to a sought-after streetwear brand

Through a competition, the D2C streetwear label RETERNITY was able to double its number of followers on Instagram in just a few hours. In this episode, the two founders Lauren Riedel and Tom Schmidt reveal how such competitions are successfully implemented today. Instead of short-term sales, the streetwear label founded in 2018 focuses on long-term branding. With hypes, drop marketing and that certain coolness factor, RETERNITY has been able to build a large and loyal community over the past three years. Why does the team focus on online retail? How do you create experiences for the community around a brand and how did the guys make it into the hotel rooms of hip German rappers who then wear their products at shows? The two founders answer these and other exciting questions in this episode of the Snocksulting Podcast.

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