Laura Lewandowski

Storytelling: How individuals and companies can tell stories with newsletters

"At the end of the day, a newsletter is an important tool for positioning yourself as an industry expert" - journalist and content creator Laura Lewandowski is currently going all in with her newsletter. Around her weekly format "Smart Chiefs", the Top30 under 30 journalist is currently building a bootstrapped media house with masterclasses, on-demand courses and a YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers.

While her newsletter focuses primarily on her journey as a solopreneur and content creator, she also implements exciting storytelling projects for well-known clients such as Google, Uber and Meta. Over the past few years, she has earned a status as an expert in new work and storytelling.

In the podcast, Laura shares her growth hacks that have helped her generate over 5000 subscriptions to her newsletter since August 2021. She shares insights into monetization opportunities for newsletters, explains how much time she spends on the project each week, and how modern storytelling can work in a corporate context.

Finally, Laura shares her best tips for content production and she talks about how she managed to get ten minutes of coaching from Gary Vaynerchuck.

(00:00) Start

(02:32) Weekly Update

(12:15) Why did Laura start her Smart Chiefs newsletter?

(16:50) What growth hacks did she have for Smart Chiefs?

(21:30) Why should companies start a newsletter?

(26:20) What are the monetization opportunities for newsletters?

(29:57) How much money does Laura make from her newsletter?

(35:24) How does Laura look back on her professional development?

(38:30) How can companies find their storyline?

(44:46) What are the best case companies in storytelling?

(48:53) How does she approach her own content production?

(57:30) What character trait got Laura to where she is right now?

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