Julian Jansen from About You

Influencer Marketing Trends: Achieving long-term branding effects with co-collections

Influencers must be given greater status in the company so that they can show the greatest possible/maximum commitment. Julian Jansen, Director Content at About You, explains how this can look in practice. The Hamburg unicorn is rethinking influencer marketing! With the About You Awards, co-collections with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and brands like LeGer, the company's influencer marketing strategy focused on long-term collaborations with influencers and celebrities. With wide-reaching co-collections, About You focuses on communication highlights, achieving international branding effects and scaling further. How do you get to celebrities like Kendall Jenner? Are collections with people of this notoriety profitable for About You? How should small brands proceed in influencer marketing and allocate their budget? Julian Jansen shares these questions and many exciting insights in a conversation with Romy Riffel and Johannes Kliesch.

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