Joko Winterscheidt

Joko: TV star and entrepreneur! His life as a founder and investor

Joko Winterscheidt is one of the best-known faces on German TV! But only a few know that Joko is not only on the duel for the world and Pro7, but also as an investor and founder in the German startup scene. Jokolade, Sushi Bikes, Cheerio or III FREUNDE wines are projects of the heart where he pursues his passion as an entrepreneur. To what extent the success of his projects is shaped by him as a brand face, he tells Romy and Johannes in an interview. Where do the business ideas come from? What is important to Joko when deciding on an investment? And what would he choose today: never again TV or never again being an entrepreneur? In this episode, he reveals how successful the individual projects actually are!

(00:00:49) Weekly Update
(00:04:38) Jako as Founder and Investor
(00:06:34) The Jokolade Story
(00:15:06) Effect of Social Media on Sales
(00:22:06) Joko's Investment Decisions
(00:28:15) Influencer Brand Collaborations
(00:30:04) Community Questions

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