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50k € in 60 minutes: How to organically build a €5m business with crowdfunding

Christoph and Johannes met in 2017 on a trip around the world and realized in the Amazon rainforest that shampoo and shower gel bottles were taking up precious space in their backpacks. So while traveling, they develop the idea of combining shower gel and shampoo and offering them in a solid block.Back in Germany, they produce the first product samples, set up a crowdfunding and crack their funding goal after just a few minutes, raising €50,000 in just 60 minutes. In the meantime, the startup is 5 years old, has a turnover of almost €5 million, and in addition to the shower block, other products have been added, such as a solid deodorant and a solid toothpaste.In the podcast, Duschbrocken co-founder Johannes Lutz talks about why they decided to crowdfund, how they use personalization in shipping logistics to emotionalize the customer experience, how important a high customer retention rate is for them, and why the first order must already be profitable for them.

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