Jochen Dreissigacker from Dreissigacker

Wine as NFT?! From traditional company to hyped winery

From viticulture us metaverse! Dreissigacker is the first winery in the world to release a wine as NFT. Dreissigacker is a high-class wine, which is sold in star restaurants and at the same time through cooperations with creators such as Paul Ripke or Karo Kauer. Star winemaker Jochen Dreissigacker shares the strategy behind this in this episode. Jochen took over the winery in Rheinhessen from his parents and revolutionized it. Today, the wines can be found in gastronomy, hotels, at trade fairs like OMR, in the company's own online store or in the Metaverse. Which lever has a significant influence on Dreissigacker's success? How can a winery with a limited farmable area be scaled and what are the biggest challenges in doing so? And what's behind the NFT? Jochen shares the thoughts behind it in this episode!

(00:03:26) Weekly Update
(00:07:41) Influencer Collaborations
(00:11:21) Origin of Quality
(00:16:53) Dreissigacker Revenue Distribution
(00:17:57) Target Definitions and NFT
(00:32:21) Revenue Estimation
(00:34:14) Estimation Question

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