Jason from Mawave & Nils from Fond Of

Live Podcast: What's the status quo in the e-commerce industry?

War in Europe, global inflation, the late effects of the corona pandemic and falling consumption. The overall economic situation has looked better in the past, and the effects of the various crises can also be clearly felt in e-commerce. Former stars of startup heaven are filing for bankruptcy and global tech giants are laying off employees en masse.But what can the industry do to counter this? How can you prepare your own startup for the next crisis? And what can you do to set up your own company profitably?In the joint live podcast event by SNOCKS, Snockulting and Mawave, the hosts of the "E-Commerce, Why Not?!" Podcast and the "New Commerce" Podcast try to find answers to these questions. Joining us as a guest is Dr. Nils Eiteneyer. He works in Cologne at Fond Of GmbH, where he is Managing Director for the lifestyle brands AEVOR and pinqponq.

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