Jason Modemann from Mawave

Black Friday Recap 2022: These are our Learnings

Black Friday, the biggest sales event of the year, was one week ago! We review this event together with regular guest Jason Modemann, founder of the paid social agency Mawave. Due to the tense situation in e-commerce, many brands have tried to boost consumption with long discount periods. The result: CPM's have already risen significantly well before Black Friday. But compared to Black Weekend 2021, CPM's were 24% lower at Mawave. The strongest day was Friday! Here the conversion rate was twice as high as on other days of the sales event. How many days should you play the sales event next year? What lessons does Jason take away for Black Friday 2023? What will SNOCKS do differently next year? And how should other brands set themselves up for a successful sales event? Jason, Romy and Johannes answer these questions in this episode.

(00:00:53) Weekly Update
(00:04:00) Recap Black Friday 2022
(00:10:10) Time frames and budget distribution for Black Friday
(00:16:55) Looking at CPM's on Black Friday
(00:24:56) Recap Snocksulting
(00:28:10) 2 Tips from Mawave for the BF
(00:37:52) Guess Question

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