Jason Modemann from Mawave

From creative to conversion: what matters now in social media advertising

What used to be the campaign structure in social media ads is now the creative! Jason Modemann, founder of the leading paid social agency Mawave, has recognized this. In recent years, the relevance of visuals has increased significantly compared to the campaign structure. When creating a winning creative, the target audience should be understood first and foremost. However, not only content creation, but also performance measurement and tracking are now much more data and AI driven than before. Facebook Analytics is being replaced by proprietary tracking tools in combination with Google Analytics. After all, understanding data correctly gives you a clear competitive advantage in performance marketing today. Which KPIs should performance marketers look at? What does the perfect campaign setup look like? And is Mawave the new Jung von Matt? Look forward to an episode with valuable learnings for your social ads with Jason Modemann, Johannes and Romy.

(00:00:56) Weekly Update
(00:04:21) Sales Structure at Mawave
(00:11:10) Revenue vs. Profitability Reporting
(00:13:44) Paid Social Performance Tracking
(00:23:03) Campaign Setup
(00:33:51) what makes a good creative?
(00:37:23) estimation question

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