Investor Marcus Diekmann

Startup scene in Germany: Why the human factor is important

250,000 - 450,000 euros - this is the average salary that the managing director of a successful German medium-sized company with sales of 100 to 200 million euros can earn annually. However, there may be exceptions upwards if the company is particularly well-known or if appropriate bonus payments have been negotiated. In the podcast, Marcus Diekmann, investor, consultant and entrepreneur, talks transparently about the strategy he uses for his startup investments and how his income streams have developed over the last few years. In addition, the conversation covers the question of why risk-averse investors are out, his best investment to date, and the question of what skillset you need to improve your social game in a business context. Finally, there is an insight into the Founders League at the end of the episode. Marcus talks about the goals he is pursuing with the startup network in 2023, how many applications come in every month for the live shows, and why you should build an operational team of strong personalities as a founder.

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