Gil Lang from Innonature

High repurchase rates through trust: How to gain the trust of customers

20 million euros in sales in the DACH region in just one year. And that's just by selling nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics and superfoods. Innonature has managed to build a brand with a high trust factor by developing naturally pure products. This makes Innonature almost independent of digital marketplaces and increases the repurchase rate in its own online store. Gil Lang founded Innonature together with his wife in Hamburg in 2016. In this interview, he talks about how the brand differs from other manufacturers and what makes its own products so valuable. He also discusses how the startup's product range and sales have developed over the past few years. But also how new customers can be addressed through content marketing via social media despite industry-specific regulations.

(00:00:53) Weekly Update
(00:05:15) From skipping ropes to nutritional supplements
(00:17:16) Can high-quality products work?
(00:21:54) Innonature's sales performance
(00:25:17) Profitability of new customers
(00:30:44) Innonature's marketing channel
(00:34:14) How does Innonature deal with advertising restrictions in the industry?
(00:35:53) Estimation question

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