Franziska von Hardenberg from The SISS BLISS

Potential in the gold market! Five-figure sales on the first day with Instagram

Because Franziska von Hardenberg wanted to prove to her consulting clients that Instagram commerce works, she founded her gold jewelry label The SISS BLISS overnight. The result: €30,000 in sales on the first day via Etsy - thanks to her Instagram community. Then still 500, today 44,800 followers:inside and entrepreneur of the year 2022. With her personal brand Franzi scales her businesses, and completely self-financed. The SISS BLISS makes high-quality, personalized gold jewelry, which gave rise to the next business idea: BLISS BANG CAPITAL. This is a platform for gold buying, through which the world's first closed gold loop is realized. Although jewelry seems to be a saturated market, Franzi has found her niche. In this episode, she describes the role Instagram and personal branding have played in this. We also want to hear from her about the potential of the gold market and how to build a successful account on Instagram today. Listen in now to be inspired by Franzi's entrepreneurial thinking.

(00:00:46) Weekly Update
(00:05:44) What does Franzi's day look like?
(00:06:50) Siss Bliss Capital
(00:12:45) The Long-Term Strategy
(00:18:36) What to do when things don't work out?
(00:22:30) Scaling with a Personal Brand
(00:28:20) Tips for Building a Personal Brand
(00:36:15) The Why Not Moment from Franzi

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