Flying Uwe

Brand Building: How Creator:in manage to become a brand & build successful companies

Uwe Schüder aka Flying Uwe is a veteran of the German YouTuber:in scene and has been creating content for over 16 years. While in the early days he mainly appeared with strength, martial arts and fitness videos, his content has changed as much as the entire digital and marketing industry itself. Today, Uwe reaches over 4 million subscribers on almost all social media accounts with videos about his life, food, entrepreneurship and more.

Besides his activities as a content creator, Flying Uwe is also a successful entrepreneur and has founded Neosupps, Foodsbest and Emporgy in addition to his biggest brand Smilodox.

In the podcast, Uwe talks about how to stay relevant, how to found successful brands and companies as a content creator, and why LinkedIn is currently the most exciting platform for him.

(00:00) Weekly Update

(08:00) Presentation Uwe Schüder aka Flying Uwe

(09:36) How valuable are YouTube followers?

(14:00) What was Uwe's most blatant post in terms of sales?

(16:25) How many videos has Uwe made in his life so far?

(17:36) Why are so many first generation YouTube:ers gone?

(24:02) What does Uwe feel more like at the moment? Influencer or entrepreneurship?

(25:23) How many hours does Uwe currently put into his company and into content creation?

(29:00) What qualities should you have as an aspiring entrepreneur?

(30:58) What does Uwe enjoy most as an entrepreneur?

(37:10) How big is Smilodox?

(39:00) How big is Neosupps?

(40:55) How do you build the next great e-commerce startup as an influencer:in?

(44:38) How important are Uwe's business partners in everyday life?

(51:17) What value does LinkedIn have for Uwe?

(55:00) What is Uwe's Why Not Moment?

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