Finn Hänsel from Sanity Group

Cannabis: How to turn over tens of millions with cannabis products

According to a survey, just under 4.5 million Germans between the ages of 18 and 64 have used cannabis in 2021. That is about 10% of the total population. The unrecorded number of unreported cases is probably much higher. Based on these figures, it can be deduced that cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in Germany.

But the chances are good that this will change in the near future. Because: the legalization of cannabis has come within reach since this legislative period and there are first draft laws for legalization.

One person who has been championing this for over 20 years is Finn Hänsel. He co-founded Sanity Group in 2019 and is currently building Europe's leading cannabis company with revenues in the tens of millions. The company operates in two areas: Medical Cannabis and CBD. In the podcast, Finn talks about difficulties in marketing cannabis products, bureaucratic hurdles, the power of PR, and the size of the overall cannabis market in Germany.


(00:00) Start

(01:58) What are the business units of Sanity Group?

(06:58) What's left of the CBD hype?

(14:32) What about cannabis legalization in Germany?(00:00) launch

(21:48) When is a cannabis model trial considered successful?

(24:55) How much money is in the cannabis market?

(27:12) How many companies share the cannabis market in Germany?

(34:14) How do you deal with it emotionally when the business field is so regulated?

(36:42) What are the key marketing channels for Sanity Group Brands?

(40:42) How do Sanity Group Brands benefit from prominent business angels?

(44:42) How important is PR to D2C Brands?

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