Edvin (SNOCKS) & Simon (Touchpoint)

Maximum performance with Performance Max: How to set up your campaign on Google

In 2022, SNOCKS generated over 15 million euros in revenue with Google. A large part of this revenue is attributable to the Performance Max campaign format. This allows advertisers to access the entire Google Ads inventory, i.e. Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display, GMail, Discovery, with just one campaign, driven by algorithms. Since Google performs many steps independently, the advertising account should be monitored daily in order to achieve a balance between the automation by Google and the necessary human input. In the podcast, Edvin Dizdaric from SNOCKS and Simon Borg from the agency Touchpoint talk about how to set up a Performance Max campaign, how much budget makes sense for a first test and what teething problems you can encounter. The perfect deep dive into the still-new advertising format!

(00:11:02) How does it feel as an agency when clients suddenly want to go in-house?
(00:12:31) When does it make sense to build in-house competencies for the Google Account?
(00:14:14) What are the first things you should do after inhousing in the Google Account?
(00:19:11) How much revenue has SNOCKS made with Performance Max campaigns so far?
(00:23:37) What is an optimal Performance Max campaign setup?
(00:26:02) What are the current issues with Performance Max?
(00:31:32) What assets are needed for Performance Max campaigns?
(00:36:38) How much budget do I need for Performance Max campaigns?
(00:37:59) How many weeks should I run Performance Max campaigns to gain experience?
(00:41:14) What levers are there in Performance Max campaigns to pull performance up?
(00:48:56) Would a Performance Max campaign be a suitable feature to sell off products in the short term?
(00:50:46) Will performance marketing agencies become obsolete in the next few years?
(00:56:36) What Why Not moments did the two guests have?

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