Dr. Christian Sprinkmeyer from Tonies

Internationalization of a Brand: How Tonies Takes on the Children's Toy Market

It takes innovative products with a little bit of explanation to take off in retail! Dr. Christian Sprinkmeyer, CDO of Tonies, says that the Tonie Box brings just that. The Tonie Box is a music box that not only fills the children's rooms of the world, but also retail shelves. According to Christian, that was the driver for the rapid market coverage in the DACH region. The listed company pursues an omnichannel strategy that combines retail with e-commerce as well as offline and online marketing. Romy and Johannes talk to Christian about this and the following questions: How was the brand able to grow so quickly and go public? How does the internationalization of a brand succeed? What role does the community play? And why does Tonies generate a large part of its sales through retailers and still sees itself as a D2C brand?

(00:00:53) Weekly Update
(00:10:08) How did Tonies grow so fast?
(00:14:05) Innovations for Offline Sales
(00:18:57) The Sales Approach of Tonies
(00:24:45) Internationalization and Market Coverage
(00:28:22) Sales Channel Online
(00:31:57) Estimate Question

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