Dorothea Metasch from 26 Homes

From newsletter to startup: how to build a newsletter with over 11,000 subscriptions

In the second Corona Lockdown, Dorothea Metasch launches a weekly niche real estate newsletter by featuring interesting new construction projects and homes. 26 Homes was born. In a very short time, she manages to get more than 11,000 subscribers interested in the format. She also builds a successful startup around the newsletter, selling consulting services in the real estate sector and marketing media services. Subscribers to the newsletter become aware of 26 Homes primarily through Instagram. More than 80% of the new registrations can be traced back to the network. Even Klaas Heufer-Umlauf reads along here and has ensured a large increase in Dorothea's followers in the past. She reveals how in the podcast. In addition, she explains what the success factors of a curated newsletter are, when companies should start such a project and how an own book can contribute to brand building. And last but not least, she explains how she managed to get Lea-Sophie Cramer and Lena Gercke on the advisory board of her GmbH.

(00:07:04) How is the business model of 26 Homes structured?
(00:11:55) What is the power of the newsletter medium?
(00:18:35) Why did Dorothea decide to write a book?
(00:23:05) Why write a book that only sells 1000x when you have over 11,000 newsletter subscriptions?
(00:25:05) How important is content in the B2B world?
(00:30:23) Why do Lea-Sophie Cramer and Lena Gercke sit on your advisory board?
(00:32:30) How important is freedom and flexibility in everyday work?
(00:37:55) How should companies start a newsletter?
(00:39:50) What experience has she gained with over 100 newsletters sent out?
(00:42:17) What real estate has made a lasting impression on her?
(00:44:37) What can the German real estate industry learn from other markets?

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