Dennis Schmoltzi from Emma The Sleep Company

Making money with sleep: how to build a 1 billion euro company

If the different figures from various studies are to be believed, we humans sleep through between 24 and 28 years of our lives. How practical would it be if you could earn money while you sleep?

What may sound like a dream to many has long since become reality for Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Müller. Together, they founded an online store in Frankfurt in 2013 with the idea of changing an industry. Emma The Sleep Company was born.

The 10 million euros in annual sales estimated in the initial business plan, which were to be achieved after 3 years, were set too low. Emma already turned over 15 million in its first year and is now aiming for the 1 billion euro mark. The former startup shooting star has become a global company with more than 1000 employees and 5 offices around the world.

In the podcast, Romy Riffel talks to Emma Co founder Dennis Schmoltzi about growth factors on the way to the targeted billion, the importance of test-winning logos in product marketing, and the company's leadership principles.

(00:00) Start

(01:10) How did Emma become so successful?

(03:38) How important is the mattress product category for Emma?

(05:36) What are the strongest countries for Emma?

(07:54) How many critical voices were there initially about the Emma business model?

(10:56) Casper failed with an app - why is Emma running her own app?

(15:22) How is a mattress created?

(20:37) How important are test winner logos?

(26:10) How could Emma grow exponentially?

(31:45) Why doesn't Emma have set budgets for projects and departments?

(33:36) What is Emma's approach to testing hypotheses smartly?

(36:18) Where will Emma be in three years?

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