Dana von der Heide from Parcel Perform

Parcel tracking with live tracking: the revolution of the customer experience

Winning new customers is expensive and involves a lot of effort. Once customers finally reach the checkout, they are often forgotten by D2C brands. But it is the delivery experience and tracking that are relevant for the customer journey and further purchases. Parcel Perform is a software provider that makes parcel tracking possible globally and in real time. This way, the data from DHL, Hermes, GLS and co. ends up unified in the store of the own brand. Co-founder Dana von der Heide and Johannes explain how online retailers:inne should use live tracking for themselves. How should customer service handle the information and place appropriate notifications about the shipment status? What impact does package tracking have on the customer experience? And how do you attract an investor like Softbank? This and more insights on post-purchase strategies in this episode with Dana, Romy and Johannes.

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