Céline Flores Willers of The People Branding Company

Targeted LinkedIn content, how to strengthen personal brands

A personal brand is the external perception, image and reputation of a person. This means that everyone is a personal brand! Céline Flores Willers is one of the biggest personal brands in Germany. She is an absolute Expert:in when it comes to Self Branding and is one of the top LinkedIn Voices. Céline believes that you have to take a personal brand into your own hands. Accordingly, each individual should be responsible for the content that can be found about a person on the Internet. This is one of the reasons why she makes this topic accessible to the general public with her agency The People Branding Company. In order to build a successful personal brand, first and foremost the goals must be clearly defined. How do you find a topic area that you want to stand for and be perceived as an Expert:in? What makes good and entertaining content on LinkedIn? What does the future of LinkedIn look like, what is she personally missing on the platform today? Miss LinkedIn herself answers this question in a conversation with Romy, in which she shares her LinkedIn Learnings.

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