Björn Kolbmüller from Jacasa

Entrepreneurship in the DNA: How to Become a Serial Entrepreneur

Björn Kolbmüller is a serial entrepreneur, his resume is marked by one successful start-up after another: Flaconi, Zenloop and now Jacasa! With Flaconi, Björn has shown how an online perfumery works. Flaconi achieved its breakthrough with numerous TV commercials, made possible by a media for equity deal with the ProSieben Group. Flaconi then came up with the idea for Zenloop: a CX platform that helps large companies better understand their customers and turn them into loyal fans. With his latest business Jacasa, Björn now dedicates himself to a completely new topic, the real estate industry. How do you manage to implement a change in strategy as a young company? What are the biggest differences between B2C and B2B industries? And where do his ideas for new and successful business models come from? You can find the answers in this episode with Björn, Romy and Johannes.

You can find Jacasa's website here:

(00:00:46) Weekly Update

(00:08:42) The First Steps of Foundation

(00:18:02) The performance of the Flaconi business model

(00:21:52) Media for Equity

(00:23:00) Scaling through TV commercials

(00:28:41) The other business fields of Björn

(00:36:21) How to acquire 24,000 brokers in one month

(00:39:30) Guessing question

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