Benedikt Klarmann from Junglück

Instagram as a sales guarantor: How Junglück uses influencer marketing as a stable channel

Due to the current market situation in e-commerce, it is almost a must to be represented on Amazon. This is the opinion of Benedikt Klarmann, founder of the natural cosmetics startup Junglück, which determines the morning care routine of the Instagram community. Benedikt has been at home in e-commerce for 16 years. With Junglück, Benedikt ventured into the cosmetics industry and Amazon FBA. Four years after its founding, Junglück is one of the best-known D2C brands in Germany and it's hard to imagine the social network feeds without it. How is the startup meeting the current challenges in e-commerce? What is meant by the new "normal" in e-commerce? How does Junglück find authentic influencers for its own business? And why is influencer marketing still the most stable marketing channel for the company? Benedikt answers these questions in this episode "E-Commerce, Why Not?!".

(00:00:46) Weekly Update
(00:06:41) The Young Luck Story
(00:11:36) The Way to Start in E-commerce
(00:18:12) Tough Times in E-commerce
(00:21:58) Influencer Marketing
(00:27:38) TikTok as a Startup Booster?
(00:31:05) Guessing Question

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