Belinda Prehm from SMILLA Boutique

Brand Building on Etsy: From Starting on Etsy to Owning Your Own Boutique

Etsy is the ideal marketplace to start a small business. You can sign up super fast, the platform is user-friendly and very personal. Belinda Prehm, founder of SMILLA Boutique, recognized the potential on Etsy and sold her first mobile chains on the marketplace in August 2021. To make her dream of owning her own boutique come true, her first step was to build her brand online. After Etsy came her own online store in spring 2022 and finally her own concept store in October 2022. Belinda has made her dream come true with SMILLA Boutique! What that journey looked like, she shares in this episode. We want to know from her what are her tips for a successful start on Etsy. How can sales be pushed on Etsy? Should Amazon sellers also have a presence on Etsy? And what are the steps on the road to owning a concept store? Belinda shares her journey, learnings and motivation in this episode.

(00:00:53) Weekly Update
(00:04:15) What is Smilla Boutique?
(00:04:40) Etsy as a marketplace
(00:11:00) How to get started on Etsy?
(00:16:41) How did the boutique come about
(00:29:12) The Why Not Moment by Belinda

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