Anton Rummel from Moss

FinTech, where are we headed? How Moss is digitizing finance departments

Many startups are familiar with the hassle of searching for payment receipts at the end of the month. FinTech company Moss, founded in 2019, solves this problem with a payment platform that offers physical and virtual credit cards at the push of a button, as well as associated payment management. Moss digitizes accounting, making it the gamechanger for startups and mid-sized companies. The software has a company valuation of 500 million euros and a steep employee growth to over 300 employees in the last three years. Co-Founder Anton Rummel shares in conversation how such a high company valuation could be achieved and how Moss wants to turn the FinTech industry around. How do you manage to establish a corporate culture with such rapid growth? What influence do corporate values have on the performance of individual employees? And how does the startup find new employees to keep up with the growth? You can hear all the answers to these and other exciting questions in the new episode.

(00:00:56) Weekly Update
(00:05:01) What pain points does Moss solve?
(00:09:11) Product Development Process
(00:16:47) Corporate Culture at Moss
(00:24:13) Recruiting Good Employees
(00:26:00) Learnings from Growth Phase
(00:27:56) Fintech's Competitors

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