Anton & Henning from Heat Mvmnt

5 Million User:ins in the App: How HEAT MVMNT builds an affiliate business around its own app.

2 billion euros. According to a survey by Statista, that's the turnover that sneakers are expected to generate in Germany in 2023. The figure impressively illustrates how mainstream sneakers have become and that they have arrived in the middle of society.

In addition to the big brands like Adidas, Nike and others, a huge market has emerged in which various players want to profit from the sneaker hype with apps, services and the like that specialize in sneakers. There are sneaker calendars, communities and exclusive marketplaces where particularly expensive and limited models are traded and sold.

The two podcast guests and Anton Gartner and Henning Staudt have been a part of the sneaker scene for years and with HEAT MVMNT they have developed an app where sneaker fans can find a release calendar and buy the shoes directly from the calendar in different stores.

In the podcast, they talk about how they monetize the app, the difficulties they face in tracking app users, and how much potential there is in the sneaker market.

(00:00) Intro

(04:23) What does HEAT MVMNT do?

(07:30) How much revenue does HEAT MVMNT generate?

(09:38) Why does Heat Mvmnt focus on its own app?

(13:29) How does Heat Mvmnt get the information about sneaker releases?

(16:18) Has Travis Scott replaced Kanye West as the most important personality in the sneaker game?

(18:15) Is low demand for sneakers hurting HEAT MVMNT's business model?

(20:50) What other channels do they play on in addition to the app?

(22:36) What scaling plans do they have for the future?

(24:45) What are the difficulties in tracking app users?

(27:25) What is the most successful app feature?

(32:08) Would exit be an option for the two founders?

(34:29) What do the two founders hope to accomplish in the next 12 months?

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