Anna from BabyFORTE & Jana from Amazon

Scaling with Amazon: How to grow with Amazon?

To make a kick start on Amazon, all the features that Amazon offers for listing your own products should be used. For example, the product description should be adapted or the product photos should be designed accordingly. These first tips come from Anna-Maria Sillinger, founder of BabyFORTE, who reports together with Jana Schneider from Amazon on how to scale your own brand on Amazon.

Anna-Maria founded BabyFORTE in 2015 and her startup grew quite quickly on Amazon during the founding phase. She mainly sells nutritional supplements for women and has products for pregnancy, childbearing or breastfeeding in her product portfolio. Jana Schneider works as Brand Owner Experience Manager at Amazon and makes sure that it is easy for brand owners to get started on Amazon.

The podcast shares easy-to-implement tips that are relevant for e-commerce businesses to grow on Amazon. Among other things, it is about the essential brand registration, the Vine program for reviews or about the Amazon product search and the possibility to use it to research keywords for your own listing. An episode full of practical tips for everyday work.

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