Anna-Maria & Kai Jäger from Lethal Cosmetics

With 0€ advertising budget to one of the biggest TikTok Brands in Germany

How do you become one of the biggest brands on TikTok in Germany? Anna-Maria and Kai Jäger from the vegan cosmetics label Lethal Cosmetics know how it works. Without any performance marketing at all, the cosmetics start-up has been able to build up strong brand awareness with a loyal community in recent years. For Lethal Cosmetics, TikTok is a relevant platform to bind a growing target group, the next generation of potential customers, to the brand. The biggest success factor here is to ask what specific goal a brand is pursuing on TikTok. What is important for good content? How should you position yourself as a brand on TikTok? And how could the company achieve 45% growth with organic marketing? The founders answer these questions and share their biggest learnings and tips from 2 years of TikTok experience.

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