Alicia & Nicolas Lindner from Annemarie Börlind

Generational change in the family business: How change succeeds

The average age of an Annemarie Börlind customer back then was 50. But in 2020, the natural cosmetics manufacturer's target group and the company were once turned upside down. Since then, Alicia and Nicolas Linder have been the third generation to run the Annemarie Börlind family business, which was founded in 1959. With the generational change, a relaunch of the brand, a new management style and a change in corporate culture were on the horizon. The cooperation with the popular influencer Novalanalove rejuvenated the brand perception and opened up the product to a new and significantly younger target group. How did the generational change take place in the family business? What challenges were faced by the two, but also by the company? How did the brand relaunch come about and what role did influencer collaborations play in the process? The two siblings answer these and other questions in this episode.

(00:00:46) Weekly Update
(00:03:40) The acquisition of the family business
(00:20:03) The relaunch of the brand and @novalanalove
(00:27:59) Future model brand alignment
(00:30:48) Estimation question

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