Aaron, David and Jonas from Lockcard

D2C 2.0: Reaching GenZ with the Social Channels of the Future

80% sales above TikTok! This is what the young startup Lockcard, which sells modular wallets for the pocket from the 3D printer, has achieved. The three founders Aaron, David and Jonas have understood that the community becomes fans and these ultimately become customers. They achieve this with unique content on TikTok that is less promotional than traditional advertising. Lockcard even goes so far as to dispense with paid ads. The three young founders have understood GenZ and its needs: good content with added value instead of paid ads, identification figures with a mission, community management on Discord. The founders are breaking new ground and using the social networks of the future to scale their business model. What does targeted branded content on TikTok look like? How do viral videos actually affect sales figures? And which social media channels should brands use to reach out to customers and potential new customers? In this episode, the founders show how D2C is being rethought.

(00:00:54) Weekly Update
(00:09:54) Wallet Sales Launch
(00:11:44) TikTok: Launch and Strategy
(00:21:55) Sales Channel
(00:28:38) Discord
(00:35:19) Lockcard's Why Not Moments

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