20.000 € starting capital

How would Romy & Johannes use the money in a startup?

The e-commerce industry and its business models are constantly evolving. What worked well until a few years ago no longer necessarily brings the desired success today. For example, while until 2016 it was enough to upload photos to Instagram to promote your own products, in 2023 you have to shoot elaborate short videos and stories to be visible at all.Romy Riffel and Johannes Kliesch have taken this development as an opportunity to work out how they would found a new D2C startup today with €20,000 in seed capital. Both discuss which marketing channels are important, how much money they would put into content creation, how much would go into the actual product, and how much would go into product design and distribution.As another topic, the two hosts discuss the five theses of the "State of Podcast" presentation by Podstars at this year's OMR in Hamburg. Among other things, they talk about the power of video podcasts, the use of AI in the podcast industry and the poor findability of podcasts.

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